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Antique Ethnic Tribal Jewellery and Textiles
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Marlène Ponce Gallone introduces here you to the best of ethnic and tribal art. From North African (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) Berber and Tuareg antique ethnic art (amazonite, amber,  bracelets, coral and trade beads) to Yemen and Middle East traditional jewelry craft (Bedouin traditional silver art and necklaces), you'll discover real traditional antiques. There is a fine collection of antique Central Asia art as well, with Turkoman, Khorezm, Kazakh, Karakalpak, Samarkand,  Bukhara and China jewellery. India and Pakistan are well represented with Rajastahan, Pashtun, Kuchi, Gujarat and Orissa silver jewelry. In my Antique Textiles and Vintage Fabrics section you will find the very best fabrics and genuine traditional clothes ( Dress, Silks of Central Asia, Embroideries, Ornaments and Ottoman Textiles ).
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